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Emergency Opening SafeStar

Saferoad’s SafeStar guardrails with the three-wave beams are widely used on European roads. Now we have added a median crossing to our product family. The new emergency opening with containment level H2 and working width W4 has a light and elegant design. The innovative system has a minimum opening length of 36m. It can be easily adapted to local conditions in 4.5m or 9.0m modular units.

The emergency opening can be opened within 15 minutes by only two people without specialist tools. The integrated 4.5m-long emergency gate can be opened in less than two minutes in an emergency, where time is critical.

The use of standard components from the SafeStar product family ensures easy connection to existing vehicle restraint systems and simplifies assembly, maintenance, and repair.

Advantages of the design

The Emergency opening SafeStar is an open median crossing erected on posts. The open design reduces the risk of water accumulation and aquaplaning after heavy rainfall. Open guardrails also provide crossing opportunities for small animals. According to studies, motorists prefer open systems because closed walls create uncertainty and increase the risk of accidents.


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